Stengard Marches

Rumors of Raiders

Two mages, a half-orc, and a rogue walk into a marsh...

This particular evening brought an unlikely assortment of adventurers into the bar at the Edge of the World Inn. Sentaria, Selrik Bariksson, Drox, and Aramil gathered to investigate the rumors of a goblin raiding party led by a lizardman harassing the Mining Road. The group overheard some miners discussing the raids, but the workers clammed up when pressed for information by Selrik. A couple rounds later, the miners were more talkative. They confirmed the raids were indeed taking place, and also shared that both companies were suffering financial losses as a result. The party agreed to meet in the morning and head to the mining company offices, but not before Selrik robbed a patron of his coin purse.

The first stop the next day was Bantheld & Sons. Bantheld himself offered to pay the party an unspecified amount of gold to eliminate the raiders. The party then stopped by the Orizon Ore offices, where a dismissive manager said he’d pay 400 gold. Hoping to get paid twice for the same job, the party set off into Fogmire Swamp in search of the raiders.

While exploring the swamp, the party happened across four goblin trappers who were clearing game from their snares. The party made short work of their foes, dispatching them with javelins, rays of frost, shocking grasps, and a dead rabbit. Selrik took an errant ray of frost from Aramil, and would later repay the favor by robbing the mage blind. The traps the goblins had set were made with mining implements, so the party knew they were on the right track.

Later that evening as the party prepared to make camp, they discovered a pair of huts – one inhabited by eleven dozing goblins, and the other housing one snoozing goblin as well as hunting and trapping equipment. Drox quietly crushed the snoozing goblin’s skull, and Selrik set up a number of traps outside of the other hut. Sentaria used a fear spell to trigger the ambush, sending the goblins shrieking in terror out of their hut, only to become hopelessly snared in place with nowhere to flee as Aramil incinerated the goblins to ash with burning hands. The party located 11 electrum pieces in the huts, then prepared to press on to find the remaining raiders and the lizardman behind the whole ordeal.



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