Stengard Marches

Rumors of Raiders (Continued)

Lizardman filet, anyone?

As night fell, a mysterious creature descended upon the party. Selrik Bariksson threw a knife without hesitating, and unfortunately wounded the already-battered Corrin Goodhill, who’d been trying to track down the party when he came across a goblin ambush intended for the party. Corrin explained his situation, and the party decided to remain in place and camp for the night, then set out in the morning in search of the lizardman.

The next day, Corrin and his trusty avian sidekick Gyro tracked the lizardman deeper into the swamp. While exploring, Drox located a pile of coins and instantly began digging through them. The lizardman burst from hiding and ambushed the unwitting half-orc barbarian, but Drox managed to hold his ground and a fight ensued. Sentaria, Corrin, Selrik, and Drox all let fly with everything they had, and in moments the lizardman’s corpse was a sundered ruin. Drox claimed his head as a trophy, and for proof of the party’s exploits. The lizardman’s chest bore a strange marking, and the party made a note to investigate this symbol after returning to town. On the way back to Stengard, the party stopped off at Orizon Ore and Bantheld & Sons to claim their just rewards for a job well done. Upon returning to town, the group divied up the loot, and learned the lizardman’s chest marking identified him as a member of a tribe of lizardman who call the southern Fogmire Swamp home, though the red pigment in the tree-like tattoo probably indicated this particular lizardman as an exile. The party went their separate ways, though a few voiced interest in exploring this connection further at a later date.



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