Jebeddo Stoutbelly

"By my sword, we'll make it home safe."


Jebeddo is likely to join quests that have the following traits-
*Has to do with one of his retainers
*Involves the Blade of Peace or Tankard of Home artifacts (see introduction in forum)
*Improves public opinion of hobbits
*Acquisitions him pipeweed from a shire or otherwise reminds him of home
*Involves general enforcement of the law

Jebeddo is 3"4’ and 50 lbs, both tall and heavy for a halfling. He is strong and tough for his diminutive stature and is a surprisingly effective combatant.

His interests include his retainers, his shire, his pipe, and his other creature comforts.

Jebeddo is Westshire’s sheriff, and is only here at the request of the shirefolk. A long lost set of artifacts were lost in this area long ago, but with the recent base point of Stengard they are finally within reach of reclaiming.

Jebeddo’s retainers are-
*Carlyle Koch, a nonagenarian neighbor of Jebeddo’s. When Jebeddo was requested to find the lost artifacts Carlyle offered to lend his knowledge of the ancient tales on the quest. Carlyle tends to be a bit cranky and spends most of his days enjoying superfluous amounts of alcohol at the inn.
*Horatio, Jebeddo’s nephew, is a stout, adventuresome lad of barely 20. He aspires to be an adventurer himself someday, so he snuck onto the ship carrying Jebeddo to Stengard. Once he was discovered there was no returning, so he’s stuck on the frontier. He has few skills now, but does have Jebeddo’s blood in his veins. Horatio may come on some of the less dangerous quests for the time being, but will not participate in combat.
*Marvin Maley, an old associate of Jebeddo’s, knows of Jebeddo’s potential. This human merchant befriended Jebeddo after being rescued by the sheriff from a pack of wolves on one of his many travels. Marvin hopes to make Jebeddo famous, and turn a tidy profit while he’s at it. Marvin will help Jebeddo’s friends with business transactions once in a while, for a small fee.

Jebeddo Stoutbelly

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