Rumors, Current Events, and the Contract Board

Here you will find a list of rumors that have been circulating around town, as well as news of current events, and any bills that have been posted to the contract board at the End of the World Inn.

Contract Board: Skalf, a foreman at one of the Orizon Ore mines in Iron Canyon, is paying 100 gold pieces to each adventurer who helps clear out a section of the mine that has been overrun by goblins. (GM Green_Anarchy)

Contract Board: Durnir, a foreman at the Rosamund Timber Camp, is paying a flat 500 gold piece bounty for the head of Goretusk, a colossal dire boar that has already claimed the lives of three lumberjacks in Stengard Wood. (GM Green_Anarchy)

Rumor: Townsfolk whisper of a frightening lizardman leading a band of goblins in the area. The paths to the Iron Canyon are dangerous at night due to this band of ruffians, and this is causing profit loss for both Banthled & Sons and Orizon Ores alike. (GM uberdungeon) Drox has posted a contract looking for companions to tackle this threat (Nov 3rd, 4PM EST – see forum post)

Rumors, Current Events, and the Contract Board

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