Stengard Marches Geography

The town itself is built upon a small plateau that overlooks the endless sprawl of forest, as well as Stengard Bay. A well-furrowed road leads back east towards distant civilization, while there are two main roads leading into the wild. The road to the northwest is the Timber Road, so named because Rosamund’s Timber uses it heavily. The road to the southwest is the Mining Road – you can probably guess how that one got its name. Though these are the only established roads in the region, there are dozens of paths and game trails that Stengard residents use to get around. Stengard Bay is very shallow, and all but disappears at low tide, and so shipping is not a very lucrative enterprise in the region. Still, ships do come from time to time, carrying traders and their cargo.

Known Areas:

Stengard Wood

Iron Canyon

Fogmire Swamp

Highrock Forest

Doral River Valley

Tybor Highlands


North Sprawl

Shelldrake Coast

Stengard Bay

Greyfang Mountains

Stengard Marches Geography

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