Stengard Marches History

Stengard is a frontier boomtown. The vast wilderness is full of untapped natural resources, and there is a steady stream of entrepreneurs to the area seeking to capitalize. However, the untamed wilds are home to all sorts of beasts, in addition to much fouler creatures, which makes any harvesting activities perilous at best. In addition, there is a nomadic tribe of Wild Elves who inhabit the massive forest, and though they are not openly hostile, they do not take kindly to those who exploit nature for monetary gain.

The town of Stengard has existed for barely a decade. It began as a collection of timber, fur trapping, and mining camps, which over time grew into something more substantial. There are now nearly 500 permanent residents, mostly lumberjacks and miners.

Stengard is built on the ruins of a centuries-old dwarvern mining outpost. There are rumors of other outposts scattered throughout the marches, one of which is said to be near a rich mithral vein. It is unknown why the dwarves abandoned the region.

Prior to the dwarvern mining excursions, an ancient human civilization inhabited the Marches, though very little is known of them. The ruins of their cities lie deep within the wilds, their secrets waiting for discovery.

Stengard Marches History

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